Accessibility: You're Doing it Wrong

Red Badger in partnership with CADA Design

Driving Innovation Through Inclusivity

As the digital and physical worlds continue to blend, the imperative for inclusive design grows stronger. Together, Red Badger and CADA Design are at the forefront of this movement, emphasising the need for accessible environments that cater to diverse populations. This collaboration harnesses CADA Design's deep-rooted expertise in physical space optimisation and Red Badger’s advanced digital product development solutions to set new benchmarks for accessibility.

Our joint initiative focuses on eliminating barriers that hinder user engagement, understanding and functionality, enhancing experience of a brand and expanding market reach. By integrating best practices from both digital and physical environments and experiences, we aim to inspire change across industries, ensuring that accessibility is never just considered as an afterthought, but a fundamental aspect of design philosophy.

Recorded in April 2024, Red Badger was invited as a guest on CADA's regular webinar series, and in the following recording, our very own Badgers, UX experts Isobel and Susie, discuss the spending power of those with accessibility challenges, and how retailers can improve the shopping experience for everyone.

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Cada Logo Card

CADA Design has been transforming how spaces feel and function for over thirty years. With a strong presence from London to Hong Kong and teams in California and Australia, they specialise in brand identity and interior design that speaks directly to customer needs.

This partnership with Red Badger brings together CADA’s expertise in physical spaces for enterprise companies with our digital innovation skills. Our goal is clear: make sure everyone can easily interact with the environments and platforms we create, no matter their abilities.

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