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The Future of Digital Loyalty

"Generation Z Loyalty"

This event was recorded on 10th February 2022


Generation Z Loyalty: "Hyper-aware, hyper connected and hyper individual"

Chris Sanderson is co-founder of The Future Laboratory, a trend forecasting consumer insight and strategic innovation business. In this 20 minute keynote session from Red Badgers’ ‘The Future of Digital Loyalty’ event in February 2002, Chris explains the importance of brand loyalty when it comes to meeting the demands of the hyper-aware, hyper connected and hyper individual consumer group, Generation Z.

At the height of cancel culture, where 40% of Gen Z would boycott a brand, compared to just 16% of their older cohort, Chris explores how some brands are embracing a different type of approach, a different tone of voice, and a totally new understanding of customer mindset and customer behaviour to develop and build innovative new customer loyalty programmes and more intimate fan engagement models.

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