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The Future of Digital Loyalty

Nando's Rewards: Evolving to meet Gen Z's expectations

This event was recorded on 10th February 2022


See how Nando's are adapting to Gen Z's digital demands

In this segment from ‘The Future of Digital Loyalty’ held by Red Badger in February 2022, Ryan Foreman, Nando’s Product Lead highlights how they build a world-first customer loyalty programmes after realising the new generation of customers eating in their famous Peri-Peri Chicken Restaurants had outgrown the plastic card based points rewards system. 

Growing up with technology embedded in their lives, the demands of Gen Z on our high street brands have been steadily increasing over the last few years, and this short session explores how Nando’s set about building and delivering the UK’s first NFC enabled multi-channel loyalty scheme with incredible results.

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Red Badger Nandos Digital Loyalty

Enhancing Nando's loyalty programme: the UK's first digital rewards scheme

A cross-functional team designed and built a UK first mobile NFC loyalty card and fundamentally changed the way customers engage with the brand across physical and digital channels.