Badger Sessions

Is the future of loyalty

point-less or points-based?

Our latest event features a panel debate between experts from some of the most well-recognised and respected brands working in loyalty, data, CRM, e-commerce and digital product who discuss where brands must go next to keep customers happy, engaged and loyal.

Red Badger presents: 'Is the future of loyalty point-less?'

This event was recorded live on July 6th 2022 and features a special guest panel of leading loyalty experts and practitioners from Boots, Currys, Whitbread Group, Natura & Co (Aesop, Body Shop, Avon Cosmetics) and We Are The Digital Type.

 Incentives should be tailored to the individual customer, not be the same for every customer 
A data-driven marketing specialist, Dave has worked within Boots for over 25 years in various roles across commercial, strategy and development, and recently led the creation of a single customer view for Boots, a major MarTech implementation and the evolution of the Advantage Card programme.


The subscription model has many of the components of what a loyalty programme should include in its thinking. 
Gianfranco oversees four iconic brands from the group: Aesop, Avon, Natura and The Body Shop, where he is responsible for Global CRM including recognition and replenishment. Joining Aesop in 2019 he transformed the brand’s capabilities in how it directly engaged with customers across markets and regions.


  We need to stop thinking in terms of channels, because that's a very siloed approach of thinking, we need to think of the overall digital experience. 
Anuradha De, E-commerce Product Lead for 440+ Whitbread Restaurants, responsible for creating and implementing the restaurant transformation strategy with a customer-first approach to drive profitability of digital channels, enhance the guest journey through technical and digital automation, CX and development.
   It's not a loyalty strategy,
it's a customer strategy.   
Robert Bates, is Head of the Currys Decision Sciences Team, identifying where advanced analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence techniques can drive change in long-term strategy and day-to-day trading.
His team fuse data and management science techniques to bring the stories within the data to life, encouraging business engagement and debate.



  Loyalty as a thing has to stop sitting within a team and be part of - if not the driver - behind the business strategy  
Candice has led teams across CRM, loyalty, digital transformation and e-commerce with a particular focus on customer experience before most recently founding a digital training and recruitment business with a focus on social mobility.


  It's clear, in the realm of customer loyalty that it's no longer a programme, it is no longer a sideshow. It's core to the business strategy. 
Marketing leader for Red Badger responsible for all facets of brand and demand. Extensive expertise creating compelling customer experiences and game changing programs for some of the world's leading technology and consultancy brands.
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Enhancing Nando's loyalty programme: the UK's first digital rewards scheme

A cross-functional team designed and built a UK first mobile NFC loyalty card and fundamentally changed the way customers engage with the brand across physical and digital channels.