Accessibility: You're Doing It Wrong

Join us for a lively webinar exploring how physical and digital inclusivity in retail drives a seamless Customer Experience and leads to better performance.

  Wed 24th April, at 12:15 pm

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Join our upcoming webinar: Accessibility: You're Doing It Wrong.

The journey towards fully accessible digital and physical retail environments is both a challenge and an opportunity.

It invites a collective effort from designers, brands, and agencies such as CADA to rethink traditional approaches, pushing the boundaries of creativity to develop spaces and experiences that are truly inclusive.

Red Badger plays a critical role in guiding clients towards a more inclusive mindset, transcending mere compliance to explore creative and innovative design solutions that cater to all users.

This shift in perspective, from viewing accessibility as a checkbox to embracing it as a core principle of design, offers a path towards more empathetic and effective solutions.

Brands are called upon to embody their inclusivity claims, transforming noble intentions into tangible actions that reflect a genuine commitment to serving a diverse customer base.

Key Topics:

▪️ What do we mean by accessibility, online and in-store?
▪️ How can we design for accessibility needs?
▪️ Who’s doing it right?

Featured Speakers:

▪️ Industry Experts in Digital and Physical Accessibility
▪️ Representatives from Red Badger and Partner Brand CADA Design
▪️ Thought Leaders on the Economic Impacts of Accessibility


Why Attend?

This webinar is a must for designers, brand managers, digital strategists, and anyone interested in the intersection of accessibility, innovation, and inclusivity.

Attendees will gain insights into the challenges and opportunities in making digital and physical environments accessible, understand the economic benefits of inclusivity, and learn about the creative solutions driving this transformative journey.

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Izzy Kieran

Senior Product Designer - Red Badger

Susie Purvis

Senior UX Designer - Red Badger

Sarah McKenna

Associate Director / Growth & Insight - CADA Design

Dan Higgott

Director / Head of New Business and Client Services - CADA Design

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