Digital Transformation Roundtable:

Digital delivering value from day one.

Make the most of the extra day this year and join our roundtable of hand picked Transformation Leaders. We’ll explore the challenges and strategies required to modernise systems and drive digital goals.
"Every industry and every organisation will have to transform itself in the next few years. What is coming at us is bigger than the original internet, and you need to understand it, get on board with it, and figure out how to transform your business.”
— Tim O’Reilly

Join us this Leap Day for breakfast roundtable at The Wolseley for a discussion between executives grappling with transformation. This is your chance to sit with peers from other midsize enterprise companies, to share insights and strategies for digital evolution without disruption.

At Red Badger we’re thrilled to host the first of our Digital Transformation Roundtables to explore actionable strategies for enterprises. Join with peers who are finding practical solutions to unlocking digital advantages while avoiding the pain of huge programmes of work that fail to impact the bottom line.

Gain fresh ideas and explore solutions to your most pressing challenges.
Register now to apply for a ticket that secures your spot at the table and start transforming not just your digital strategy, but the way your organisation performs.

Join us on leap day:

   29th FEB  2024 at 8.30 am
   The Wolseley, 160 Piccadilly, London W1J 9EB


Topics for discussion:

Legacy Systems & Integrations:

What are the best strategies to deploy new approaches and technologies alongside existing systems, that enhance operational efficiency and customer experience without disrupting current operations?

Digital Strategy & Vision

How can you align digital initiatives across business functions to drive coherent, effective, and sustainable transformation across the organisation?

Change Management

How do you approach and manage the human side of digital change, ensuring smooth transition, stakeholder buy-in, and adaptation within the organisation?

Skill Gaps and Talent Acquisition

What’s the best way to bridge the digital skill gap, balancing the upskilling of existing staff with strategic new talent acquisition?

Budget Constraints and Value/ROI

How can you meet the challenge of digital transformation within budget constraints while unlocking tangible business value as you go?

Taking Advantage of Modern Approaches

New technologies and ways of working are faster, cheaper and more flexible than ever. How best to deploy them to drive business outcomes alongside complex existing systems and processes?

Meet the Speakers

A Street

Adam Street

Chief Digital Officer, e4volution

Adam has met the challenge of digital transformation in some of the largest and most complex organisations in the world. As a champion of faster, easier, better (and more profitable) ways of working, he has helped executives, boards and shareholders understand, deploy and benefit from new digital approaches. He is a natural contributor with an eye for the bottom line and is now developing an ecosystem of change makers that are helping organisations benefit from powerful emerging technologies.

John-Godfrey 11

John Godfrey

Commercial Director, Red Badger

John has spent his career helping midsize and large enterprises take advantage of progressive technology to impact their bottom line. Introducing Agile approaches to customer solutions since the dot com era, he has worked with large banks, major retailers, insurers and B2B companies. With a career spanning the Bank of England and Microsoft he has worked with executive teams to deploy lean, fast and effective ways to use digital to improve customer outcomes.
About Red Badger

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