Stay Measured:




Join Split and Red Badger to discover how measurement and learning can help engineering leaders succeed under pressure.
Enjoy an in-person watch party at Red Badger HQ for a set of thought leadership panels and Q&A that examine the power of feature monitoring and observability, discuss how to safely navigate AI releases, and reimagine metrics as a way to motivate team success. 

Complete with complimentary pizzas and refreshments, this event is free to attend and all are welcome.

Thought Leadership Panels 

Shipping amidst the pressure of an AI revolution, dodging risk along the way, and keeping an eye on every feature impact is not for the faint of heart. It’s for those who stay measured. On April 16th, the first day of Flagship 2024 powered by Split, learn how to stay measured from industry-leading panelists, as they discuss today’s challenges and look to data to drive their development successes.

Are You Making Things Better Or Worse:
How Can Leaders Eliminate Risk With Visibility of Every Product Change?

Product development teams face the challenge of understanding the impact of their releases on user experience. This panel will discuss the importance of data-driven insights for navigating the software delivery lifecycle. Leaders will share how they gain visibility into each release, enabling quick, informed decisions to enhance or correct features without user disruption. The focus will be on achieving this without heavy reliance on data scientists, unlocking the potential for faster and safer product changes. (90 min)

AI, Captain:
How Can Technical Leaders Navigate the AI Revolution?

This session, led by Split CTO Pato Echague, addresses the challenges and opportunities of integrating AI into product development. It will cover strategies for adopting AI technologies efficiently, ensuring their safety and cost-effectiveness. Attendees will gain insights from leaders who have successfully embedded AI into their processes, preparing them to lead and adapt in the AI-driven landscape. (60 min)

Redefining Dev Team Success:
How Can Measurement Prove the Value of Engineering Efforts?

In today's economy, proving the value of engineering efforts is more important than ever. This discussion will explore beyond traditional productivity metrics to identify KPIs that truly demonstrate team value. Leaders from various industries will share how they measure success, articulate ROI, and transform engineering efforts into profit centers, offering new perspectives on measuring and enhancing team performance. (60 min)


   16th April 5pm - 8.30pm (UK time)
   Red Badger HQ | LONDON



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