Exploring Sustainability:

Can a clean codebase cut enterprise costs and carbon?

   27th April 2023 at 6:30pm

Red Badger HQ | LONDON

This discussion event 
for enterprise technology leaders will explore reducing carbon emissions and cloud costs through enterprise architecture and programming  language choices.

Join a peer group of CIOs, CTOs and blue chip technology leaders. We'll explore how your codebase can drive sustainable growth with lower costs and emissions. Collaborate and network in a relaxed environment at Red Badger’s central London offices on Thursday 27th April 2023.

In partnership with:
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There’s an emerging recognition that enterprise architecture choices and high level languages can have a dramatic impact on code efficiencies. 


Spaces are limited and reserved for technology leaders. Registration in advance is essential and confirmation will be via ticket only.
Register now to explore:

 The opportunities to reduce carbon emissions and cloud costs

 Enterprise architecture choices and the impact of efficient code at scale

 The complexities and tradeoffs in evolving enterprise ecosystems

  Increasing scale and flexibility while minimising risk


Complimentary canapés, alcoholic and soft drinks will be provided in what promises to be a fantastic evening.

Attendees are encouraged to support the chosen charity of the Horizon CIO Network, Cancer Central.
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Meet the Contributors

The format is an informal peer-to-peer discussion without formal presentations. Contributors with deep insight will share their perspectives and be ready for detailed Q&A. They include:

Dr Chris Brauer

Global innovator 
WEF strategist

Stu Harris

Chief Scientist & Founder
Red Badger, Crux architect

Mark Chillingworth

Editor & Founder
Horizon CIO Network

Rebecca Rumbul

Executive Director & CEO
The Rust Foundation
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