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How WebAssembly, NATS and wasmCloud can move us beyond the cloud

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The use of WebAssembly server-side is contributing to a major revolution in platform design, moving us beyond (or above) the cloud as a destination. Coupled with products like wasmCloud and NATS, WebAssembly is creating a whole new paradigm for Cloud Native, eliminating classes of problems and creating simplified, robust and secure platforms for distributed applications.

With contributions from Liam Randall, Cosmonic’s CEO and Derek Collison, CEO of Synadia and creator of NATS.io, our latest white paper written by our Chief Scientist, Stuart Harris, maps out the journey to a truly resilient multi-cloud platform.


Download the white paper to find out:

Why the days of cloud vendor lock-in are over and how you can start to view cloud providers as a utility provided from anywhere, better manage cloud costs and innovate faster

How you can build truly resilient platforms that self-heal across clouds while remaining unaware of underlying topology and vendor-specific products
Why Wasm provides an ultra-secure way to deploy open source software and continue to take advantage of new innovation
How the combination of Wasm, NATS and wasmCloud combine to create an enhanced developer experience that will attract and retain the best engineering talent

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The power of NATS: Modernising communications on a global scale

The cost of delivering value to customers is exorbitant (and slow) because of the complexity of microservice applications. Coupled with cloud infrastructure and fragmented networks across systems and locations, blue chips and other large enterprises are struggling to provide exceptional digital experiences when customers need them.

Something is missing - and that missing piece is connectivity.

To execute on a global scale and get value to customers as quickly as possible, the way applications communicate must be reimagined.

In this video, Derek Collison, CEO of Synadia (and creator of NATS.io) and Stuart Harris, Red Badger’s Chief Scientist explain how NATS can help large organisations deliver technology and services across the globe and solve some of the challenges of working with microservice applications in the process.


Learn from industry experts

Stuart Harris

Chief Scientist & Co-Founder, Red Badger


“This paper explores where we are today in terms of platform design and outlines how the application of a collection of new and established technologies, combined in a novel way, represents a significant opportunity for the enterprise. It marks a step-change in how to deploy a genuinely multi-cloud platform that will satisfy even the strictest regulatory requirements.”

Derek Collison

CEO, Synadia


“NATS provides developers and operators with a cloud and edge native open-source connective platform that is cloud agnostic, secure by default, and transparently scalable on a global basis. Combining NATS with emerging platforms like wasmCloud provides developers with the ability to accelerate innovation without worrying about being locked into proprietary systems.”

Liam Randall

CEO, Cosmonic


“Our goal is to enable developers to deliver truly portable applications, both in terms of where the applications execute and the capabilities they deliver -- thus bringing the joy back to distributed application development. Moving these common components to the platform with wasmCloud gives developers the ability to write software more quickly, operate it across boundaries, scale it to meet demand, and at a lower operational cost.”


Here's what you can expect...

The state of software platform architecture today

An exploration of the role of technology in today’s blue chip organisations and why organisations must be thinking about rapid innovation and building a platform primed for distributed applications. 


Building a platform for tomorrow

A review of what tomorrow’s platforms should be designed for and how to streamline them to optimise engineers’ time and prioritise innovation and exploration.


The direction of travel for platform architecture

A look at the four major trends driving platform architecture and a deeper examination of the core principles that lead to good (secure, scalable, reliable, observable and flexible) system designs.


What’s driving the shift in thinking

This chapter examines the problems with today’s platforms and provides examples of how we can now start to remove layers of complexity through the application of next-generation tools and thinking.

How WebAssembly fixes multi-cloud’s problems

Liam Randall, Cosmonic’s CEO outlines the big challenges that have prevented widespread adoption of multi-cloud and showcases how Wasm and wasmCloud represent more than just a working solution but a viable resolution to many of the challenges.

How NATS makes multi-cloud a reality

Derek Collison, CEO of Synadia (and creator of NATS.io) tells the story of Form3’s successful implementation of NATS and highlights the transformational impact of the technology for this rapidly growing fintech organisation.

What WebAssembly, NATS and Erlang/OTP bring together

Identifying how these pre-existing technologies can be combined in a new way to transform platform design and deliver a host of next-generation benefits to the enterprise.

The benefits of WebAssembly and wasmCloud in the enterprise

Clear articulation of the precise business benefits rendered by the application of WebAssembly, NATS, Erlang/OTP and wasmCloud in the enterprise.


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