How to gain actionable insights from your data

At Red Badger we help clients turn data into insights to make better decisions, design and build better products. Often we find people have too much, too little or the wrong data for it to be useful to their business. Wherever you are in your data journey, we can help you gain actionable insights.

  1. Get off to a flying start - we’ll get you set up and running tests quickly.
  2. We’ll help shape your roadmap, develop analysis techniques and improve your tool knowledge.
  3. Leverage multiple data sources and increase your test sophistication with our support.
  4. Group tests around a single KPI, to maximise your efficiency, with a strategy, test and ownership review.


Data strategy


If you’re bogged down in reporting or don’t have access to the data you need, take a step back and find out what you really need to know.

Through a workshop with your key stakeholders, we'll help you identify the key metrics that drive your success and how to use them effectively, so you can turn your insights into customer value.


Data-driven product decisions 


CustomerIncrease your product’s performance with data-driven insights and make better decisions.

We’ll combine data analysis and user experience design to give you analysis, recommendations, their estimated financial impact and the confidence to prioritise your backlog.


Data-driven product personalisation 


Don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach when communicating to your customers, use data to talk to them as individuals.

Looking at multiple data sources, we’ll help you get value out of personalisation whether you’re at the start of your data journey or an A.I. master.


We're Amplitude's first UK partner


Featuring in Forbes 'The Next Billion Dollar Startups 2018' list, Amplitude aim to help companies build better products through advanced analytics.

They’re particularly strong at analysing retention within apps and websites, identifying key features that help drive repeat usage. Find out more here.


Meet Jimmy, our Insights director.


Dr Jimmy Muldoon brings his wealth of analytical experience across FMCG, insurance, and eCommerce to his role as Insights Director at Red Badger. 

He has a keen understanding of the relationship between data and customer experience, working to translate the data and insights into more meaningful customer journeys.

All of our clients are different so if you would like to discuss your needs, get in touch →



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Red Badger is Amplitude's first UK partner

Partnering with Amplitude means we can deliver better services to our clients as a result, by using actionable insights from the data to inform the product decisions.




Red Badger’s new Insights team: better decisions, better products.

From strategy to optimisation and personalisation, understanding the data allows our clients to make better decisions and build better products.




Better decisions, better products: Roadmap product conference summary

Roadmap product conference rolled in to London 5th June. Here’s Jimmy's take on what was heard.


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