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At Red Badger, we're not just observers of the AI revolution; we're integral to it. At a recent breakfast event at the Ivy in London, we were joined by special guests who explored AI's role in Human-Centric Design, Digital Transformation, and Agile product innovation for the ultimate customer experience.

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Our recent event, held at the prestigious Ivy in London, was an exceptional gathering that delved into the realm of digital transformation and how to embrace the ever-changing Artificial Intelligence landscape in a customer centric, and sustainable way. Bringing together industry leaders, thought pioneers, and visionaries, we explored the latest trends, strategies, and best practices in embracing digital transformation for businesses.

Throughout the event, engaging discussions unfolded, shedding light on key aspects such as the power of digital experiences, the implementation of agile methodologies, and the significance of human-centric design. From thought-provoking keynotes to dynamic conversations, attendees gained valuable insights into how to leverage these transformative elements to thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

With a focus on delivering tangible takeaways, the event left participants inspired and equipped with actionable strategies to drive innovation, enhance customer experiences, and stay ahead in the competitive market. Our collection of shared articles and videos from the event offers a glimpse into these enlightening discussions, ensuring that the insights and knowledge extend beyond the event itself.

Responsible AI 

Dr. Chris Brauer, an esteemed AI expert and strategy officer at the World Economic Forum, recounted his team's 15-year journey in developing AI solutions. Through various challenges and learning curves, they realised the importance of aligning AI technologies with human values, a critical principle Brauer referred to as 'alignment'. He emphasised that this alignment is pivotal for ensuring that the broader population benefits from AI, rather than generating wealth only for a select few.

Dr. Brauer delved into his work on Green AI, an approach that applies AI to accelerate the pathway to energy transition and achieve net-zero emissions. He highlighted the necessity of balancing cautious ethical considerations and the need for rapid experimentation and learning in AI product development. This balance was presented in the context of the debate between the 'hit pause' and 'innovation accelerator' approaches to AI.

In his concluding remarks, Dr. Brauer articulated his vision for responsible AI, asserting that it should be ethical, sustainable, and beneficial to users, businesses, the workforce, the environment, and communities. He underscored the need for continuous experimentation, learning, and prioritisation in building such systems. His compelling exploration of the ethical, environmental, and societal implications of AI painted a vivid picture of how AI can contribute to sustainable and ethical growth when approached responsibly.

Read Dr Chris's Guest Blog: Reflections on Ethics, Sustainability, & Innovation

A full version of his 10-minute talk from the event is below.

Responsible AI isn't about listing a set of ethics on paper; it's about designing systems from the world's ingredients, with a commitment to constant learning and experimentation, aligning technology with human values for the benefit of users, businesses, the workforce, the environment, and communities.


AI Innovation: Pathways to Sustainable Growth

with Dr Chris Brauer

AI is about making informed decisions in product development. The real innovation comes when we combine expert knowledge with customer feedback, using data to drive creativity and evolve our products to better meet customer needs, generation after generation.

Generative AI 

Huw Leith, the VP of Marketing at Grip and founder of Intelligent X, gave an enlightening talk on the innovative application of Generative AI in the brewing industry. He introduced his company, Intelligent X, which uses AI to brew beer, and Grip, an AI startup that functions like Tinder for events. Huw explained how AI is used to make decisions in the brewing process, from choosing the methods to gathering customer feedback for the evolution of the beer.

Harnessing Generative AI for Brewing Beer

Huw delved deeper into the use of Generative AI in creating a data structure that encodes the brewer's intuition, which serves as a starting point. The AI app then converses with customers to gather feedback, allowing the beer to evolve. Huw also touched on the revolution happening worldwide with changing perceptions about AI, and how it leads to creativity structured by data.

In the latter part of his talk, Huw discussed the feedback process, the team behind the project, and how customers can interact with the algorithm to influence the next brew. He also shared some of the recognition they've received from the media and the public, and addressed some criticisms. Huw concluded his talk by encouraging the audience to use AI to get closer to their customers and create more personalised products.

A video of his session can be found here.


Brewing the Perfect Pint
with Generative AI

with Hew Leith, IntelligentX

AI is there to augment your value proposition, not to be your value proposition. Start with the customer, always. And remember, AI tools like large language models are there to bolster our teams and enhance the work we do, rather than viewing it as the end goal.

AI in Digital Product Development

A Conversation with Red Badger's Tech and Product Directors  

Our event concluded with an insightful discussion between our Tech Director, Viktor Charypar, and Product Director, Claire Murray, on the role of AI in digital product development. Viktor, with his deep technical knowledge, shed light on how we guide our clients in making strategic AI decisions. He underscored our approach of using AI as a tool to bolster our teams and enhance the work we do, rather than viewing it as the end goal.

The conversation delved into the practical applications of AI, with a particular focus on large language models. Viktor described these models as akin to natural language calculators, skilled at continuing a piece of text or conversation in a way that feels natural. Claire, leveraging her design background, explored the potential of AI in various areas that we work in, such as customer service, productivity tools, news research, and creative writing. However, she also highlighted the need for caution, especially in relation to copyright issues and the risk of homogenisation in creative outputs.

At Red Badger, we're mindful of the challenges and concerns associated with AI. As Viktor and Claire discussed, it's crucial to set accurate customer expectations, given the inherent variability of AI outputs. We also emphasise the importance of robust feedback loops and incremental product releases to ensure that our AI tools are effectively meeting customer needs. This conversation reaffirmed our belief that while AI can augment a value proposition, it should not be seen as the value proposition itself. It's this balanced approach that enables us to deliver innovative digital products for our blue-chip clients.

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2-Jun-05-2023-09-24-25-9947-AMIn today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, Red Badger is at the forefront of leveraging artificial intelligence to drive enterprise transformation, elevate customer experience, and innovate in digital products. From navigating the challenges in AI to implementing responsible and ethical AI practices for sustainable growth, we're committed to leading the charge.

Our expertise extends to utilising generative AI in product development, green engineering for sustainability, and sustainable enterprise software development. We're also pioneering in enhancing customer interactions through AI for customer service, conversational AI, and conversation intelligence. Discover how cognitive computing and AI automation are integral to our digital solutions, and explore the role of AI in emerging tech.

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