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The evolution of NATS is one of the hottest trends in technology and for good reason. As the next generation of cloud connectivity, blue chips have their best ever chance to slay the monolith and move to modern distributed systems.

We partner with the leading lights in this space to provide the latest thought leadership and guidance on building elegant and powerful cloud-native platforms that underpin business success in the digital age. 


Our latest thinking

[On Demand Webinar] Next-gen cloud connectivity: The evolution of NATS

We don’t often talk about a specific technology. However, NATS needed its own event due to the scale of its impact. NATS offers organisations an opportunity to replace generations ...

[White paper] Multi-cloud platforms are here

The use of WebAssembly server-side is contributing to a major revolution in platform design, moving us beyond (or above) the cloud as a destination. Coupled with products like ...

A truly resilient multi-cloud platform with wasmCloud and WebAssembly

Myself and senior software engineer Aayush Attri were invited to speak at the CNCF's Kubecon North America event at the end of last year on Wasm day. In the presentation, we ...

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