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One of the oldest financial institutions in the United States

100+ global markets

250k+ employees

JPMorgan Chase is a global financial services company that offers a variety of banking and financial products and services to both individuals and businesses.

Through its retail banking, commercial banking, asset and wealth management, and investment banking arms, the company provides various services such as credit cards, mortgages, loans, investments, and payment processing.

JPMorgan Chase launched an app-only bank to customers on iOS and Android platforms in September 2021,  and turned to Red Badger to improve their digital banking app's testing efforts internally. The goal was to optimise their testing procedures and eliminate dependencies between modules, providing more flexibility for their engineers.
Red Badger's task was to work collaboratively with the Chase team to develop new tooling that revised dependency management, removing cyclic dependencies and transforming the testing capabilities so that individual modules could be tested. 

The Problem

Scaling rapidly within a complex organisation, product teams faced challenges trying to release work independently without incurring cost and risk. In order to continue to scale, a number of foundational technical and process difficulties need to be resolved.


JP Morgan Chase Bank's digital banking app's testing processes were slow and cumbersome.

The app had many dependencies between modules, causing difficulties in testing individual parts.

The company required a more efficient testing process to unblock release trains and improve their digital banking app's reliability.

The testing procedures required significant resources and time, creating delays in the app's release cycle.

Our Approach

Red Badger embedded a small, senior engineering and delivery capability to work alongside JPMC teams and partners. The focus was to improve the quality of the application, streamline testing and development efforts across the organisation whilst promoting and enhancing JPMC’s engineering principles and culture.

Restructuring of the testing capabilities so that individual modules could be tested without dependencies, improving flexibility.

Optimisation of the app's testing procedures, reducing the need for testing and providing significant time savings for engineers.

Collaboration with the JP Morgan Chase Bank team to ensure a smooth rollout of the new tooling.

The Results

Red Badger's collaboration with JP Morgan Chase Bank resulted in a more efficient testing process, providing significant time savings for engineers and improving the reliability of the digital banking app. The collaborative effort between both teams ensured a smooth rollout of the new tooling, resulting in a successful transformation of the app's testing procedures.


 The new testing procedures enabled engineers to test individual modules, improving flexibility and resulted in much less testing overall.

The new tooling optimized the app's dependency management, removing cyclic dependencies and improving the reliability of the app.

The time savings for engineers provided by the new testing procedures resulted in unblocking release trains and shorter release cycles.

The collaboration between Red Badger and JP Morgan Chase Bank teams resulted in a successful rollout of the new tooling, with minimal disruption to the app's functionality.

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