Santander: A new digital-first international payment service

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PagoFX is a standalone international money transfer app backed by Santander, a large multinational financial institution that provides banking services to individuals, businesses, and corporate clients in Europe, North and South America, serving more than 100 million customers.

Red Badger collaborated with Santander to create PagoFX, a payment service that would allow customers to send money overseas in a transparent and trustworthy way. The project aimed to create a new and better way for customers to make international payments, competing with established players such as Wise and Revolut. Red Badger's task was to help Santander build the platform and to develop a best-in-class customer experience across multiple languages based on customer testing across Europe.

The Problem

Sending money overseas today can be a painful experience. No clear verification process, no acknowledgement that funds were received and no oversight as to whether the money even arrived. Plus you have to pay for the privilege.

How do you build a trusted digital business from scratch, in a heavily regulated sector, with the complexities of being part of a big bank?


To create a new and better way for customers to make international payments, in a transparent and trustworthy way. 

To integrate with Santander's existing systems, providing a seamless experience for customers, whilst complying with regulations in a highly regulated industry.

To think like a start up and compete with established players such as Wise and Revolut.

Our Approach

PagoFX’s key selling points are giving back control to the customer while being transparent, with fair pricing and with the trust that comes from the backing of a world-renowned bank.

We helped Santander develop a challenger mindset, validating the concept with customers, allowing Santander to think like a start-up and take on established players.

Red Badger’s job was to validate assumptions of customer challenges, and the problem the service was solving and provide PagoFX product owners with a clear understanding of which problems to solve first.


Developed and built a new front-end platform that incorporated a modern user interface and responsive design.

Optimised the platform's performance to ensure a smooth and seamless experience for users

Introduced long-term technical foundations, tying together third-party services for additional functionality.

Set up multi-platform squads within an autonomous business unit, scaling the concept into a sustainable business.

The Results

The collaboration between teams enabled this giant in the financial sector to think and act like a start-up to take on established digital-first players. Together we drove a challenger mindset inside the organisation and introduced outcome led squads with fully integrated engineering and product disciplines. 

PagoFX was delivered in just 18 months, a brand new end-to-end digital product in a highly regulated industry.

The payment service achieved a 4.9-star rating on the app store, demonstrating the success of the best-in-class customer experience.

The platform provided a transparent, trustworthy, and easy-to-use service for customers, with improved payment flows and settlement ledgers.

The integration with Santander's existing systems provided a seamless customer journey, reducing the need for manual intervention and streamlining processes.

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