A Transformative Digital Platform for Exam Providers Globally

Red Badger and British Council partner to deliver new digital platform to transform the way the company delivers exams to providers around the world.

LONDON, UK [10th July 2023] Digital product consultancy, Red Badger, and international exams provider, the British Council, have announced the launch of a new digital platform called Pulse to transform the way the company delivers exams to providers around the world. The new platform provides secure and streamlined access to data from the British Council's user base, offering real-time insights and support for exam delivery.

File:BritishCouncil Logo.png - WikipediaFollowing a successful proof of concept with one of the UK’s largest exam providers, Red Badger and the British Council continued their collaboration to improve the platform, enhancing data collection through adding pre and post-exam analytics and enabling exam day efficiencies through an exam day insights dashboard. The team also prepared the platform to scale through an admin panel enabling Pulse to go global and introduce additional clients to the platform, thereby reducing overheads, enabling faster decision-making and increasing the visibility of data. The platform has improved business performance and client relationships, and the British Council is now seen as a more accountable, professional, and trustworthy partner by it’s clients.

According to Martin Lowder, Head of Global Exam Services at the British Council, the development of Pulse has allowed the organisation to progress significantly. "Red Badger's experience and expertise have enabled us to make complex decisions that will have an extraordinary impact on us as a business, how we deliver to our clients, and how we help them deliver exams to candidates."
Kenny Watt, Product Owner on the project added, "Pulse is an impactful digital product that's built in a robust way and has been delivered quickly. We've achieved something extraordinary here, and we're incredibly proud of what we've achieved together."
"At Red Badger, we strive to create digital products that provide our clients with timely and valuable data insights. Our team of experts works closely with our clients to identify their unique needs and develop bespoke solutions that address complex challenges.comments Rebecca Glassby, Delivery Director at Red Badger who lead the project, With Pulse, our digital product for exam delivery, we're proud to have helped the British Council streamline their exam delivery process to drive business growth."

The measurable impact of the platform on the efficiency and productivity of the British Council team has been significant, improving communication and collaboration within the British Council’s exam team  and with their clients, leading to increased exam delivery rates, and decreased support response times.

"The development of Pulse has enabled us to demonstrate our value and expertise to our clients in ways we've been unable to previously," adds Lowder. "We've got the ability, flexibility, and agility to provide robust exam services to clients regardless of size and location, helping them deliver exams in hard-to-reach places while giving our clients confidence, trust, and powerful visibility to develop and improve their own organisations and delivery standards."

Pulse has had a significant impact on the exam delivery process. Looking to the future, the British Council sees Pulse as a key element of their long-term strategy for exam delivery with plans to continue improving and evolving the product over time.

For more information about Pulse and the partnership between Red Badger and the British Council, get in touch with one of the team today.


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