Event Roundup: Strategies for Seamless Customer Experience

We were thrilled to have hosted the "Insights Reinvented" event last week, where we gathered some of the brightest minds in the industry to discuss how to deliver personalised omni-channel experiences.

On Wednesday the 29th March 2023, we were thrilled to have partnered with Adyen, a company that's been pushing the boundaries of payment innovation for years, alongside industry experts from Sweaty Betty and Avon, to present: "Insights Reinvented: Strategies for Seamless Customer Experience"

Our speakers shared invaluable insights on how to harness data-driven solutions to innovate and create exceptional customer experiences. We're proud to have brought together such a diverse and dynamic group of experts to exchange ideas and inspire new thinking.

To kick things off, Joseph Dupre, Lead of Unified Commerce Enablement at Adyen, highlighted the significance of adaptable technology in modern commerce. Joseph provided an interesting take on the role of unified commerce in improving customer experiences and how businesses can leverage technology to achieve this.
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Next up, Gianfranco Cuzziol, CRM and Personalisation Lead at Avon International, talked about the role of data in creating personalised customer experiences. He shared some brilliant insights on how businesses can use data to create more targeted marketing strategies and deliver more personalised content to their customers.
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Alexandra Dinsdale, Head of Digital Product at Sweaty Betty, then shared her experiences and insights on how to combine digital and in-person shopping experiences to create a more seamless customer journey. Her impressive insight into the benefits of incorporating digital elements into the in-store experience and how this can improve customer engagement and loyalty was well received by all.
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To finish the evening our very own Clementine Brown and Nafisah Khan from Red Badger provided valuable insights into the latest approaches to using data in the world of digital product development with some interesting examples! 
Thank you to everyone who attended and contributed to making the event a success! For those who missed it, you can watch all the highlights in the video below.
We look forward to hosting more thought-provoking events in the future. Stay tuned!
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