How businesses can use data to understand their customers better

Gianfranco Cuzziol, the Head of CRM at Avon International, recently shared some valuable insights at our recent event hosted at Red Badger HQ. He spoke about the importance of creating a great digital product and how businesses can use data to identify and understand their customers better.

Gianfranco shared an interesting analogy to explain his point, drawing a comparison between basketball and the process of creating a digital product. In basketball, the rules constantly evolve, and teams need to adapt and improve their strategies accordingly. The same goes for digital products - they need to constantly evolve and improve to meet the changing needs and expectations of customers.

He emphasised the need for businesses to use data to understand their customers’ behaviour and preferences. By analysing data, businesses can identify customer pain points and areas for improvement in their digital products. This, in turn, can lead to better customer satisfaction and increased revenue.


Gianfranco also discussed the importance of recognising the different types of customers a business may have, such as those who only make occasional purchases versus those who are VIP customers. By identifying these different segments, businesses can tailor their communications and marketing efforts accordingly.

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He stressed the importance of providing excellent customer service, particularly for VIP customers, who have higher expectations. Businesses need to ensure that their entire customer experience is seamless and that they offer a variety of channels for customers to communicate with them.

Overall, Gianfranco’s talk was incredibly insightful and highlighted the need for businesses to constantly evolve and improve their digital products. By using data to understand their customers, businesses can identify areas for improvement and provide excellent customer service to ensure customer satisfaction.

If you missed Gianfranco’s talk, don’t worry - you can still check it out online. It’s definitely worth a watch if you’re interested in learning more about creating great digital products and improving your customer experience.

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