Red Badger to Speak at Rust Nation 2024

Join us at Rust Nation 2024 on Day 2 with Viktor Charypar from Red Badger, as he delves into "Hands on with Crux: How behaviour-focused architecture enables UI testing you can love."

Rust Nation is the first UK conference dedicated to the Rust language. It will be held at The Brewery in the heart of London on the 26th, 27th and 28th of March 2024.


Viktor Charypar to Speak at Rust Nation 2024: Dive Deep into Crux Architecture

In an exciting development for the software community, Red Badger is thrilled to announce that Viktor Charypar, technology leader and enterprise Rust engineer, will be taking centre stage at Rust Nation 2024. Following the successful introduction of Crux at last year’s conference, Viktor will deliver an insightful session titled "Hands on with Crux: How behaviour-focused architecture enables UI testing you can love." The tutorial is scheduled for 13:30 in the Tutorial Vault, promising an engaging and educational experience for all attendees.

A New Era of UI Testing with Crux

New call-to-actionIntroduced at Rust Nation 2023, Crux has been a game-changer in the realm of application development. Its primary mission is to simplify and accelerate the testing process, thereby eliminating the all-too-common scenario of continuous integration (CI) builds that drag on for hours before failing. Viktor’s session will delve into the architecture of Crux, highlighting how it addresses these challenges head-on, compares with other architectures, and offers actionable insights that participants can apply to their projects.

Participants will have the unique opportunity to build a basic application from the ground up, guided by Viktor’s expertise. The session will focus on leveraging end-to-end tests that run in milliseconds, showcasing Crux’s potential to revolutionise your development workflow.

Meet Viktor Charypar

Screenshot 2023-07-18 at 13.20.07Viktor Charypar, a key figure at Red Badger and a passionate Rust enthusiast, brings over two decades of experience in software engineering and technical leadership to the table. His journey has spanned various sectors, including retail, publishing, and finance, where he has consistently pushed the boundaries of technical innovation and engineering excellence. As a co-author of Crux, Viktor has firsthand experience with the challenges that software teams face and is dedicated to finding superior tools and techniques to alleviate these pain points. Follow Viktor on Twitter @charypar to stay updated on his latest projects and insights.

Why Attend Viktor’s Session at Rust Nation?

This session is not just about learning a new technology; it's about embracing a philosophy that prioritises efficiency, reliability, and developer satisfaction. Whether you're a seasoned developer or new to the field, Viktor’s tutorial will equip you with the knowledge and skills to enhance your projects with Crux’s innovative architecture.

  • Discover Crux: Understand the principles behind Crux and how it can transform your approach to UI testing.
  • Practical Learning: Engage in hands-on development of an app, guided by end-to-end tests that offer immediate feedback.
  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from Viktor’s extensive experience and insights into overcoming common software development hurdles.

Join Us at Rust Nation 2024

Don’t miss this chance to explore the full potential of Crux under Viktor Charypar’s guidance at Rust Nation 2024. For more information on Crux and how it can benefit your projects, visit our dedicated page here.

Rust Nation 2024 promises to be an enlightening experience for developers seeking to stay at the forefront of technological advancement. We look forward to seeing you there and exploring the future of software development together.

Join hundreds of Rust developers for two exciting days of Rust talks, training and workshops.

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