Rust Foundation Welcomes Red Badger to Champion the Use of Rust in Enterprise

Red Badger partners with the Rust Foundation, driving Rust's adoption in the Enterprise and building reliable digital products.

​​London, United Kingdom [23rd May 2023]

Red Badger, a leading digital product consultancy, is proud to announce it has become the latest member of the Rust Foundation. The Rust Foundation is dedicated to supporting the development and adoption of the Rust programming language, which is known for its performance, reliability, and security. As a new member of the Rust Foundation, Red Badger will play an active role in contributing to the growth and evolution of the Rust language, supporting the development of new features and tools, and promoting Rust use in industry.

Red Badger's commitment to the Rust language is further demonstrated by the recent launch of CRUX, an open-source headless app framework built in Rust. CRUX provides developers with a simple and intuitive platform for building fast, scalable, and reliable web and mobile applications. By leveraging the power of Rust, CRUX enables developers to deliver high-quality digital products across multiple platforms with confidence and ease.

The company intends to showcase how Rust can be used in enterprise workloads and is committed to championing the benefits of Rust to blue-chip companies. Red Badger is well-known for its pioneer expertise in building digital products, platforms, and digital capabilities. Providing companies with agile, cross-functional digital squads to deliver on blue-chip missions. The company's team of experts will bring their extensive knowledge and experience to the Rust Foundation and will work to help promote the growth and adoption of Rust in the industry.

"At Red Badger, we are excited by the multiple benefits Rust brings to the Enterprise." said John Godfrey, Commercial Director at Red Badger. "Rust is a powerful language that for the first time delivers exceptional performance, reliability, and security. Our team is eager to help shape its future and drive its adoption in the enterprise as a proud member of the Rust Foundation. The recent launch of CRUX, our open-source headless app framework built in Rust, showcases our expertise and commitment to appling the language to user-centric applications. We are thrilled to bring our experience and dedication to the Rust community and work together to advance the use of Rust in the Enterprise."

"The Rust Foundation is thrilled to welcome UK-based Red Badger as our newest Silver Member,” said Rebecca Rumbul, Executive Director & CEO of the Rust Foundation. “Recently pioneering CRUX - a new approach to multi-platform digital products serving iOS, Android, and Web, based on a central Rust business logic core - Red Badger are key innovators and advocates for Rust.”


About Red Badger

Red Badger is the premier digital product consultancy, trusted by blue-chip companies and global brands to deliver innovative and impactful digital products. With a deep understanding of product design and technical excellence, we are able to craft compelling digital products that customers love. Utilising cutting-edge engineering, we drive sustainable change for our clients and empower them with the digital capabilities necessary for continuous innovation.

About the Rust Foundation

The Rust Foundation is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to supporting the development and adoption of the Rust programming language. The foundation works to promote the growth and evolution of Rust, and to ensure that the language remains free, open-source, and accessible to all.


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