Agile ways of working: the great leadership disconnect

Insights from an Agile ways of working study that surveyed 750 decision-makers and 100 digital leaders.

Agile ways of working report | Red Badger

While the majority of senior managers are keen on the idea of boosting organisational efficiency and improving customer focus by restructuring the way teams work, very few are doing so. But why?

Red Badger's report Agile Ways of Working: The Great Leadership Disconnect explores the views of 750 senior decision-makers and a further 100 digital leaders in large UK businesses across four key areas.

1. Benefits of creating multi-disciplinary, cross-departmental teams

2. Barriers to implementing change

3. Which teams are most suited to cross-departmental collaboration

4. How long it's likely to make cross-departmental collaboration a reality

The research was commissioned as part of Red Badger's strategic planning, in a bid to gain more customer insight. With pressure on business leaders to drive productivity and efficiency whilst undertaking large-scale projects, it's been helpful to understand the key challenges they face.

Read the report here.

At the risk of giving the game away, we can conclude that to be true catalysts for change, senior leaders must get a good handle on their own company culture and find ways to take their employees with them - whether that involves learning to trust, securing their buy-in or simply ensuring the right training is in place to help them enable transformation.

With a proven track record of being catalysts for change for our clients, positively impacting their culture and leaving a lasting legacy of a process and great internal capability why not see if we can help you with your challenge?

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