Adyen for Platforms: A Guide to Integrated Payment Solutions

Red Badger's partnership enhances payment capabilities for digital platform and marketplace businesses.

Adyen for Platforms offers an integrated payment solution tailored to platforms and marketplaces. This service is designed to simplify the payment process, enabling platform clients and users to sign up, sell, and get paid through a singular, cohesive system. 

Seamless Integration and User Onboarding

One of the cornerstone features of Adyen for Platforms is its capability to facilitate seamless integration into existing platforms. This ensures that users can effortlessly sign up and commence selling with minimal friction.

The platform supports instant verification of user identities, enhancing the success rate of new user onboarding, and real-time notifications are employed to minimise the chances of drop-offs during the sign-up process.

With support for over 33 countries and available in 23 languages, Adyen for Platforms is well-suited for businesses looking to expand their global footprint.

Comprehensive Payment Processing

The service is engineered to accept and process payments across many channels and regions, streamlining business operations.

It offers access to terminals that cater to various business needs and supports an extensive array of payment methods, ensuring that customer preferences are adequately met. Integrating data across channels enhances customer experiences, a critical factor in retaining and attracting new users.

Flexible Fund Managementplatforms-1

Users have the autonomy to allocate and transfer funds across accounts within the platform, enabling efficient financial operations management.

The platform facilitates on-demand and scheduled payouts to users, ensuring that funds are moved with reliability and speed.

Direct payouts to bank accounts are also supported, reinforcing the system’s versatility and user-friendliness.

Transaction Tracking and Reconciliation

Effective transaction and data management is vital for maintaining operational transparency and efficiency.

Adyen for Platforms consolidates reporting, offering businesses a unified view of payments, data, and terminal information.

This consolidation allows for complete control over data with daily or real-time reporting options, enabling enterprises to make informed decisions swiftly.

Instant notifications serve as a mechanism for timely actions, further enhancing the platform's utility.

Risk Management and Compliance

Embedded finance introduces multifaceted risks to platforms and marketplaces.

Adyen for Platforms addresses these challenges head-on, utilising machine learning to manage risks at every level.

The platform can detect onboarding risks, monitor transaction risks, and set risk scores to protect against high-risk users.

This proactive approach is crucial for minimising chargebacks, avoiding reputational damage, and ensuring the security of financial transactions.

In partnership with Red Badger


Red Badger's partnership with Adyen aims to enhance payment capabilities for companies, however complex, transforming them into next-generation digital organisations.

This collaboration allows us to incorporate end-to-end payment solutions into all digital offerings, significantly benefiting product teams, commercial teams, platform clients, customers, and end users.

Our shared ethos focuses on helping leading businesses continuously innovate and drive value across all features and functions.

By integrating Adyen for Platforms, we can offer a more seamless and efficient payment processing experience no matter the scale, complexity of needs or client demands.

Adyen for Platforms is not simply a transaction tool; it offer a strategic value creation opportunity for platform and marketplace businesses.

By understanding its capabilities and the value of the Red Badger partnership, platforms and marketplaces can make decisions that enhance operations, enable flexible client solutions, improve customer experience and drive revenue and margin.

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