Red Badger & Adyen: Empower the growth of your platform

Revolutionise payment platforms with Red Badger & Adyen. Scale your growth with seamless integration, secure transactions, and continuous innovation.

Combining Red Badger’s bespoke digital expertise with Adyen's comprehensive end-to-end payment solution, we're excited to announce a payment platform revolution. Accelerate your marketplace platform's growth, streamline your operations, while levelling up your client and user experience.

Realise your ambitions swiftly with the financial technology platform designed for future-focused businesses.


Why Choose Red Badger and Adyen?

Our collaboration brings you the best of both worlds: Red Badger's innovative digital product design and engineering alongside Adyen's powerful payment processing and financial management platform.

Trusted by leading brands such as Nandos, Spotify, and McDonald's, this partnership is your pathway to scalable, secure, and efficient platform growth.

One Platform, Multifaceted Benefits

- Local acquiring and a vast array of payment methods are supported by Adyen for Platforms.

- Red Badger's custom integration solutions ensure an effortless transition, no matter the scale.

- Unmatched customer journeys and unified payment data insights are crafted by blending Adyen’s cross-channel capabilities with Red Badger’s user-centric design philosophy.

- With all your payment data consolidated by Adyen and accessible through intuitive interfaces designed by Red Badger, uncover hidden growth avenues with actionable insights derived from our advanced analytics.

- Scale confidently with Adyen's fraud detection tools seamlessly integrated into your platform by Red Badger. These tools ensure that your transactions are secure and your customers are protected.


Comprehensive Payment Solutions

Red Badger’s agile development approach means your platform can adapt quickly, incorporating everything from online payments to in-person transactions.

Together, we combine your online and in-store payment data, offering a single view that simplifies operations and enhances customer understanding.

Adyen's data ecosystem, enhanced by Red Badger’s custom digital tools, makes informed decisions, protects your platform from fraud, and optimises transaction approval rates for your clients.

With Adyen's banking infrastructure and Red Badger’s integration, streamline your financial processes, from payouts in preferred currencies to instant fund transfers with Adyen-issued payment cards.

It's easy to immediately upgrade the features and reach to all your business customers and platform users, no matter how complicated their needs

Tailored To Your Platform's Needs

Every platform and its community of users is unique, and so are its challenges.

Transform payments from a mere transaction requirement to a growth enabler with seamless payment solutions, risk management, and expansion insights, and all made possible through Red Badger’s custom digital implementations.

Ready to transform your platform's potential into performance for you and your clients?

Come meet us at our upcoming event, 'The Platform Payments Revolution - a Breakfast Briefing for Platform Pioneers, ' where we will be discussing this and more.

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