Red Badger and CADA Design on the Frontline of Accessibility

Explore the importance of accessibility in digital and physical spaces with Red Badger and CADA Design experts.

The opportunity for brands to engage with a global audience has never been greater. However, ensuring accessibility for all remains a significant hurdle. 

In our upcoming webinar, we’ll be joining forces with digital product transformation experts from Red Badger and CADA Design to explore the critical topic of accessibility across digital platforms and physical spaces.

Why does accessibility matter? 

In a nutshell, it's about ensuring that everyone can engage with and enjoy the offerings of brands and spaces regardless of their abilities. It's about recognising that while our world may be borderless, it is not yet barrier-less.

The stakes are high. When brands overlook accessibility, they alienate a significant portion of their potential audience and risk their identity’s integrity. However, the webinar will explore how embracing accessible design does not mean sacrificing brand identity; it can enhance it, making it more meaningful and connected to a diverse audience.

Male student in wheelchair at the counter in college library

Join us as we discuss what accessibility means in today's context, why it should be a priority for your brand, and how missteps in this area can have far-reaching consequences. More importantly, we'll share insights on how retailers and operators can integrate accessible design into their strategies, creating spaces and digital experiences that truly welcome everyone.

The panel, featuring experts from Red Badger and CADA Design, will bring a wealth of knowledge and practical advice to the table. This is an opportunity to learn from the best, understand the nuances of accessibility, and help those on the journey consider the importance of taking actionable steps towards more inclusive design practices.

This partnership between Red Badger and CADA Design is a testament to our shared commitment to making the digital and physical worlds more accessible. This webinar begins a broader conversation that will inspire change across industries.

We are excited to ensure that accessibility is a cornerstone of our design philosophy for a world where everyone can engage, take part, and thrive.

Register for the webinar and be part of the change.

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