AI and Financial Services: Digital Innovation with Red Badger & Split

Transforming Financial Services with AI & feature flags. Join Red Badger & Split's event: AI: Better Code for Better Digital Experiences!

In an industry where the stakes are high and the challenges complex, the collaboration between Red Badger and Split Software offers a compelling solution for enterprises in finance and banking sector. Red Badger brings its expertise in digital product design and development transforming complex blue-chips into Digital Product organisations millions of customers love, while Split Software contributes its Feature Delivery Platform, a service that reduces development cycle times, mitigates release risks, and fosters an impact-driven culture through experimentation. Their commitment to speed, privacy, and resilience aligns perfectly with our ethos.

Feature flags, also known as feature toggles, offer software development teams the flexibility to separate the development, testing, and release of new features from the underlying code changes. This means that teams can work on new features in isolation, deploy small changes regularly, and only release the feature when it's ready. 

For the Financial Services sector, this is particularly transformative. With tools like Split, digital product teams can deploy code to production hundreds of times a day. This agility is crucial in an industry where regulations change frequently, and customer demands evolve rapidly.

This partnership is uniquely positioned to address the challenges of the finance and banking sector. Regulatory compliance and cybersecurity are often cited issues, but there's more to it. Split Software's platform allows for controlled feature rollouts and experimentation. This enables rapid innovation without compromising on security or compliance.

The Role of AI in Sustainable Code and Customer Experience

If you're interested in the transformative power of AI, our upcoming event is a must-attend. Split Software employs AI algorithms to optimise feature delivery, making code more sustainable and efficient. This not only improves operational metrics but also enhances the end-user experience, a critical factor in customer retention for financial services.

AI Split Event - Speakers

Meet the Speakers

The event will feature a line-up of industry experts who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience:

Stuart Harris, Chief Scientist, Red Badger: A co-founder of Red Badger, Stuart has been at the forefront of the agile and digital revolutions within enterprises. He champions better technologies and ways of working, and sees a revolutionary phase change in enterprise technologies based on Rust, Wasm, and scale-to-zero platforms like Cosmonic and Fermyon Spin.

Thomas Garrity, VP of Solutions Engineering, Split Software: With a background in senior roles at companies like 1E and VMware, Thomas is a pre-sales leader who transforms sales units. His expertise in Pre-sales Leadership, International Management, and Leading Change makes him a force to be reckoned with in the sales and management space.

Jonty Angel, Founder, Craftment: A product expert with a track record at tech giants like Google and YouTube, Jonty brings deep expertise in E-commerce, Product Marketing, and Data Analysis. He's a game-changer in the tech landscape.

The collaboration between Red Badger and Split Software offers a comprehensive and robust set of solutions tailored for the finance and banking sector. To learn more about the technical aspects and the real-world applications of our partnership, don't miss our upcoming event.

For additional details and to register, check out the Red Badger and Split Partnership and our upcoming event.

About Red Badger

Red Badger is the product transformation consultancy for blue chips. Our product design capabilities and technical pedigree build high-performance digital products and platforms that get you closer to your customers and embed new ways of working. We solve complicated problems in complex places. Your journey to an agile, innovative digital product organisation starts today.

About Split

Split is revolutionising software delivery with its Feature Data PlatformTM, pairing data with the speed and reliability of feature flags to help product development teams measure the impact of every feature. Rocket Mortgage, GoDaddy, Twilio, Salesforce, Electronic Arts, Healthfirst, and WePay, a Chase company, trust Split to deliver features that matter, faster. Get started for free at

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