Embracing Rust for  Sustainable Enterprise Transformation

Register for our next event to explore the advantages of Rust, our headless app development framework Crux, and sustainable software engineering practices.

Unveiling the Future of Enterprise Software Engineering

Businesses are continually exploring innovative ways to stay ahead of the curve, drive efficiency, and maintain competitiveness. One area that has witnessed significant evolution in recent years is the field of enterprise software engineering, with many large organisations pivoting towards more modern, sustainable, and efficient programming languages like Rust.

At Red Badger, we're passionate about driving this digital revolution, which is why we're hosting an event titled "Rust in the Enterprise: Take control with a modern, sustainable approach" on July 20th, 2023. This insightful session aims to demonstrate why Rust has become the go-to choice for big tech companies and how other enterprises can reap its benefits.

Harnessing Rust: The Developer's Choice

Rust has long been a favorite amongst developers due to its exceptional performance, safety, cost-effectiveness, sustainability, and testability. Now, as Rust climbs the application stack and enters the enterprise realm, more and more businesses are recognising its undeniable potential. Our event will delve into why Rust's adoption for enterprise applications has gained momentum and how to accelerate this process within your own organisation.

New call-to-actionExploring Crux: A Headless App Development Framework

One of the highlights of our event will be a deep dive into Crux, Red Badger's cutting-edge headless app development framework built in Rust. This new approach for complex cross-platform app development can significantly enhance speed, safety, performance, and costs, showcasing Rust's capabilities and the revolution it's bringing to enterprise application development.

Sustainability and Modern Software Engineering

The session will also explore the growing traction of modern software engineering as a sustainable approach to reduce development bloat and the costs associated with utility compute. New strategies including edge compute, WebAssembly (Wasm) outside of the browser, and scale-to-zero platforms like Cosmonic and Fermyon Spin offer considerable advantages that are immediately available at an enterprise scale.

By delving into these next-generation patterns and tools, we hope to convey why Rust is now more relevant than ever and how to successfully integrate it within your organisation.


The Bigger Picture: Impacting Enterprise Context and Constraints

All enterprises grapple with cost and complexity, while demand continues to climb. We believe that exploring flexible, low impact future technologies like Rust can radically impact the enterprise context and constraints.

Our event is a unique opportunity to engage with engineers and leaders championing these next-generation approaches. It's a chance to meet the team behind Crux and join the low impact codebase revolution.

Join Us on Our Journey

Don't miss out on this opportunity to dive into the world of Rust, Crux, and sustainable software engineering. Register early to secure your place and be part of this transformative event. Whether you're an Engineering Manager, a Technical Architect, or simply interested in the potential of Rust, this event promises to equip you with invaluable insights and hands-on experience.

At Red Badger, we're committed to championing better technologies, patterns, and ways of working. 

Find out more about our upcoming events here: https://www.red-badger.com/events


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