Exploring Rust: A Sustainable Approach for Enterprise Application Development

Our next event is an exploration into Rust's rise in enterprise application development, highlighting its sustainability, safety, and cost advantages.

The time for Rust in the enterprise is now. Having long been a favourite among developers, Rust is quickly becoming the go-to choice for enterprises as its advantages in performance, safety, cost efficiency, sustainability, and testability become impossible to ignore. To delve deeper into this topic, we're hosting an exciting event titled "Rust in the Enterprise: Take Control with a Modern, Sustainable Approach" on the 20th of July 2023, from 18:00 to 20:30.

1676635293665This event will be a follow-up to our extraordinary Saturday meet-up hosted after the Rust Nation conference in February. We've observed wider adoption of Rust month after month as it ascends the application stack and makes its mark in the enterprise world. This two-sided event promises to unveil the 'why' and 'how' behind this movement.


What to Expect from the Event

The first half of the event features Red Badger's Chief Scientist, Stuart Harris, and Technical Director, Viktor Charypar, who will discuss Rust's adoption for enterprise applications. The session is geared towards Engineering Managers, Technical Architects, and all those interested in understanding the benefits of Rust in the Enterprise and driving its adoption.New call-to-action

In the second half, engineers will get the opportunity to delve deep into Rust's principles, its codebase, and hands-on coding with an example of a financial services payments application. We will also present our Crux framework, a solution for headless cross-platform app development.

Why Rust, Why Now?

New call-to-actionModern software engineering is trending towards a sustainable approach to curb development bloat and the costs of utility compute. Tools such as edge compute, WebAssembly (Wasm) outside of the browser, and scale-to-zero platforms like Cosmonic and Fermyon Spin offer considerable advantages.

We believe Rust is an essential part of this shift. With its low impact codebase revolution, Rust is making waves in enterprise scale technology. In this event, we'll explore these next-generation patterns and tools, discuss why Rust has become so crucial, and share tips on how to help your large organisation successfully adopt it.

Why Attend the Event?

All enterprises grapple with cost and complexity, while demand continues to climb. This event is an opportunity to explore the flexible, low-impact future available today with Rust.

You'll get the chance to meet the team who developed Crux and understand why Rust is considered a game-changer. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from leaders championing next-generation approaches. And of course, there will be complimentary pizza and drinks served throughout in our offices on Silicon Roundabout, London.

To secure your spot for the event, please register early. Specify which sessions you're interested in attending (either or both are great choices!). We look forward to seeing you.


About Red Badger

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Discover more about our journey with Rust here.

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