Embracing Rust for Enterprise Application Development

Stuart Harris, Co-Founder and Chief Scientist reveals Red Badger's adoption and use of Rust during an interview with the Rust Foundation team.

On the 23rd of May, 2023, we were privileged to be spotlighted by the Rust Foundation following our recent Silver Membership. Our Co-Founder and Chief Scientist, Stuart Harris, had the opportunity to discuss our company's mission and our use of Rust with the Rust Foundation team.

Red Badger: Championing Digital Solutions

Red Badger is a London-based digital product consultancy, proud to serve a diverse range of blue-chip companies and dynamic start-ups. We partner with brands such as Fortnum's, Selfridges, Nando's and Levi's, and big-name banks like JPMorgan Chase, HSBC, and Santander, providing digital solutions that power their success.

Our mission is to navigate the labyrinth of complex technology architectures that characterise large organisations, delivering customised digital products and platforms that drive real business results.

Why We Choose Rust

We have always been advocates for Rust. We've watched Rust evolve from being a system language-centric application into a significant player in big tech. As we witness its rapid adoption, we are convinced that Rust is the language of choice for enterprise application development.

With Rust, we no longer have to choose between safety and performance — a dichotomy that has long characterised software development. We believe that Rust, which provides safety, performance, testability, and easy maintenance, will initiate a new era of enterprise technology patterns and practices.

Rust in Our Work: Harmonising Platforms

In our work with clients, we often use Rust to improve the efficiency of their workflows and user interactions across various platforms. The traditional method requires apps to be developed separately for each platform — iOS, Android, and web. This approach doesn't only mean duplicated efforts, but also fails to consolidate learning or reuse code.

CRUX ICONOur solution? Rust. We use Rust to create a unified, reusable core that adapts to the unique user interface requirements of each platform. This innovative method forms the bedrock of our open-source framework, CRUX.

CRUX, built entirely on Rust, is paving the way for the development of 'write once, run anywhere' applications, signifying a revolutionary moment in enterprise app development.

Why We Joined the Rust Foundation

Our commitment to open-source development and our belief in the inevitable adoption of Rust across enterprises led us to join the Rust Foundation. By becoming a member, we aim to support the Rust community and its ecosystem, leveraging our experience and unique insights to facilitate the transition to Rust.

What We Love About Rust

As software engineers, our favourite thing about Rust is the safety it offers. Its rigorous compiler significantly reduces the chances of introducing errors into the code, providing us with a sense of security, especially during code refactoring. This level of safety is truly invaluable to us.

Our Hopes for Rust

We are excited about the future of Rust. As it continues to mature, we hope to see its adoption spread across web apps and UX/UI domains. With Rust already gaining momentum, we encourage other organisations to harness its power. Early adopters will not only gain a competitive edge but will also attract top engineering talent.

We've been part of the agile and digital revolutions for over three decades, and now, we're leading the charge in the sustainability revolution, with Rust at the heart of it all.

To keep up with our journey, follow us on GitHub, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

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