[White paper] Multi-cloud platforms are here

WebAssembly, NATS and wasmCloud mark a significant step-change for enterprise platforms moving us beyond cloud and to multi-cloud platform environments.

The use of WebAssembly server-side is contributing to a major revolution in platform design, moving us beyond (or above) the cloud as a destination. Coupled with products like wasmCloud and NATS, WebAssembly is creating a whole new paradigm for Cloud Native, eliminating classes of problems and creating simplified, robust and secure platforms for distributed applications.

With contributions from Liam Randall, Cosmonic’s CEO and Derek Collison, CEO of Synadia and creator of NATS.io, our latest white paper written by our Chief Scientist, Stuart Harris, maps out the journey to a truly resilient multi-cloud platform.

Wasm white paper blog image

Download the white paper to find out:

➤ Why the days of cloud vendor lock-in are over and how you can start to view cloud providers as a utility provided from anywhere, better manage cloud costs and innovate faster

➤ How you can build truly resilient platforms that self-heal across clouds while remaining unaware of underlying topology and vendor-specific products 

➤ Why Wasm provides an ultra-secure way to deploy open source software and continue to take advantage of new innovation 

➤ How the combination of Wasm, NATS and wasmCloud combine to create an enhanced developer experience that will attract and retain the best engineering talent

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