4 steps to great digital products and a better product business

Digital product companies are twice as likely to outperform their competitors and achieve 48% higher revenues.

With challenges on multiple fronts, aggressive competition, consumer volatility and a cost of living crisis, you might be tempted to pull the plug on innovation or what you may perceive as risky investments. You could be forgiven for pressing pause on that new initiative. 

But time and again research has shown that organisations that stand still during hardship are those that get left behind. Brands that keep investing and building their presence in the market are those that grow through the turmoil and maintain the advantage they establish.

So it stands to reason that creating better digital experiences for customers and more closely aligning your product or service with their immediate needs will stand you in good stead when consumer confidence returns. 

But how do you pivot rapidly to a different approach and how do you build the capabilities needed to react in near real-time in the future? 

The answer lies in fostering a digital product mindset and aligning around the continuous delivery of a product or service to market. It means establishing a digital product capability at the heart of your business where empowered cross-functional teams validate ideas, iterate rapidly, and deploy new features and code to customers continuously.

And while it sounds like a massive undertaking, it can be done much faster than you think. In fact, we believe you can get your first product into your customers' hands in fewer than 100 days. 




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