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Red Badger announces partnership with OVO: Revolutionising customer support through personalised, data-led digital journeys.

Red Badger, a leading digital product transformation consultancy, is proud to partner with OVO. The partnership aims to support OVO to help customers access personalised help and support. 

"We are hugely excited to partner with OVO on a data-led future for the customer help proposition."  comments Claire Murray, Product Director on the OVO Project, "Our combined team have built a targeted Help engine, and replatformed key content to Contentful. Combined together, this enables personalised support for  OVO customers giving them the information they need, when they need it most."

The collaboration focuses on implementing new digital journeys for customers to find the help they need via self-service capabilities and provides a data-led future for delivering seamless customer experiences. The work allows OVO to provide personalised customer experiences, improving customer satisfaction and support across all channels.

The outcomes include:
  • A unified help and support experience across the digital estate
  • Personalised and contextual content based on customer type, to provide the information customers need, when they need it.
  • A single source of truth for content, enabled by the implementation of headless CMS Contentful.
  • A simplified technology landscape, improved editorial experience, and increased efficiency throughout the content lifecycle.
  • Increased ability for customers to find the information they need and resolve queries, via self-service channels
Nichola Davies, Product Director at OVO commented: Red Badger are playing a key part in our operational digital transformation, and they are the first partner we have worked with at OVO to stand up a cross functional augmented team. They built collaborative relationships with our team from day one, are professional, knowledgeable, and just get on with it!” 
Red Badger and OVO will continue to build upon the foundations laid by the initial implementation of Contentful with the introduction of data-led capabilities to serve relevant and targeted help content to customers, across a number of key payment journeys over the coming months. 

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About Red Badger:
Red Badger is the digital product transformation consultancy for blue chips. Our product design capabilities and technical pedigree build high-performance digital products and platforms that get you closer to your customers and embed new ways of working.

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