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[Infographic] Is the future of loyalty point-based or point-less?

An infographic on the future of loyalty, comparing point-based schemes vs. point-less experiences.

Are loyalty programmes evolving away from traditional point-based schemes? Is the future of loyalty now point-less?

With customer loyalty increasingly volatile—especially during a turbulent economy and cost of living crisis—it’s time to consider how the lines have blurred between customer loyalty and customer experience.

With loyalty up for grabs, are points (or stamps!) enough to make your customer stay? Or do you need to offer something more meaningful? More intangible? 

These are the questions that loyalty leaders looked to answer in our recent debate on the future of loyalty.

Is the future of loyalty point-less event | Red Badger

One thing is clear: disruptive new entrants have changed the game. Consumers are exploring new brands and are liking what they see and, more importantly, how they feel

Offering meaningful engagement through wrap-around experiences, loyalty-natives are forming powerful emotional bonds with your customers.

They know that their customers understand the true worth of their data and are rewarding them accordingly. 

But what do these kinds of point-less experiences look like? And how do they compare to traditional point-based schemes?

Read more: Point-based loyalty vs point-less: is it time to evolve?

We surveyed 103 leaders across loyalty and customer experience to find out what the future of loyalty will be:

The future of loyalty | Red Badger


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