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Red Badger's Tech and Product Directors, Viktor and Claire, discuss AI in digital products, covering applications, challenges, and implementation guidance.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have become buzzwords in the tech industry, but what do they mean in the context of digital products? How are they being implemented, and what are the implications for product and tech leaders? To answer these questions, we turn to a recent discussion between Viktor, Tech Director, and Claire, Product Director, at Red Badger.

The AI Landscape

Viktor Charypar | Red BadgerViktor, with a background in technical strategy, has been following the developments in AI and ML for the past 15 years. He admits, "The recent advancements in generative AI took me by surprise. It took me a while to understand how these things work and how to practically use them."


Claire Murray | Red BadgerClaire, on the other hand, brings a product perspective to the table. She acknowledges that while she's not an AI expert, she's a digital product expert. "It's an exciting time and I've been trying to understand the mechanics of AI and Machine Learning so that I can teach the teams and provide a grounding for them when appropriate use cases come up," she says.

Practical Applications of AI

When it comes to the practical applications of AI, Claire points out several areas where AI has been effectively applied. "Virtual assistance, productivity tooling, news research, and creativity are some areas where AI has been effectively applied," she explains.

She gives an example of their work with an energy company, where they are using AI to help customers access relevant information from millions of help articles. She also mentions the use of AI in productivity tools like Notion or Miro, where AI can summarise meeting notes or categorise boards.

However, Claire also highlights the concerns about copyright and originality in the creative field. "I love the idea of being able to get something to help me with the 'what do I do now?' But equally, I completely respect the conversations going on at the moment about copyright and like, when does it become non-original?"

The Challenges and Misapplications of AI

While AI has its benefits, it's not without its challenges. Viktor points out that AI models are text generators that don't deal well with facts. "You have to constrain them quite a lot to do what you really want," he says.

Claire adds, "AI should augment your value proposition, not be your value proposition. Any product that has AI in giant letters as the forefront of the value proposition is missing the point."

Implementing AI in Your Product

When it comes to implementing AI in your digital product, Viktor advises starting with existing services like OpenAI's API and then moving towards building your own models. However, he emphasises the need for a unique dataset for training the AI.

Claire stresses the importance of releasing your product incrementally and getting feedback from a decent percentage of customers. "Make sure the feedback loops are robust and you're making adjustments and evolving the product based on the feedback," she advises.

About Viktor and Claire

Viktor, the Tech Director at Red Badger, helps clients with their technical strategy and the tech decisions they're making. He supports the teams in implementing these strategies and has been closely following the developments in AI and ML for the past 15 years.

Claire, the Product Director at Red Badger, works with teams and clients to ensure that the strategies they are working on are effective. With a background in design, she brings a product perspective to the table and is keen on understanding and teaching the mechanics of AI and ML.

At Red Badger, they are constantly exploring the potential of AI and ML in digital products, and this conversation is a testament to their commitment to staying at the forefront of these technologies. As AI continues to evolve, so too will the ways in which we implement it in our products, and Red Badger is poised to lead the way.


Screenshot 2023-07-18 at 13.20.07Viktor Charypar
Technical Director, Red Badger
Viktor Charypar is a seasoned technology leader and consultant, adept at transforming clients’ digital product and services visions into practical realities. With over 15 years of experience as a software engineer and tech lead, Viktor has driven technical innovation and engineering excellence in diverse sectors like retail, publishing, and finance. His primary role includes assembling the right teams and technologies ensure sustainable success. A technical architect, innovator and troubleshooter, he is a regular contributor to Open Source communities and takes pleasure in helping executive teams unlock new digital capabilities.


Claire MurrayClaire Murray
Product Director, Red Badger
Claire Murray has been Product Director at Red Badger for the past 7 years. Leading product strategy and design in multidisciplinary teams, she’s responsible for the overall success of some of our largest enterprise client projects. Focused on shaping strategy and driving quality outcomes from product and user experience consultants. Prior to this role, she served as Head of Design at New Future Graphic, a strategic brand development and communications agency. Working with a diverse range of clients with millions of customers, Claire creates purposeful, clear, and impactful products.


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