Responsible AI: Pathways to Sustainable Growth with Dr Chris Brauer

In this insightful talk, Dr. Chris Brauer explores the complex and evolving landscape of AI, as the pathway to sustainable growth through responsible AI.

Discover the world of responsible artificial intelligence (AI) with Dr. Chris Brauer, a leading expert in the field and strategy officer at the World Economic Forum, who we were honoured to have as a speaker at our recent event, 'The new wave of AI for Customer Innovation'.


This video delves into the ethical, environmental, and societal implications of AI, stressing the importance of developing AI that is beneficial for all. From the ongoing debates within the AI community to the challenges and opportunities of green AI, Dr. Brauer provides a unique perspective based on his 15 years of experience in AI development.

Whether you're a tech enthusiast, a business professional, or simply curious about the future of AI, this video is an enlightening exploration of how we can navigate the complexities of AI and harness its potential responsibly. Tune in to discover how we can align technology with human values, create environmentally sustainable AI systems, and build a future where AI drives not just innovation, but also ethical and sustainable growth.

New call-to-actionRed Badger & Symmetry: Our Partnership

This guest blog is part of an ongoing collaboration between Red Badger and Symmetry, Dr. Chris Brauer's AI Solutions and Research company. Our partnership is grounded in the shared belief in responsible AI. Together, we're exploring opportunities to bring distinctive AI services and products to the marketplace. This collaboration aims to combine Symmetry's long history of AI development with Red Badger's commitment to creating impactful digital products. Our goal is not just to advance in the field of AI, but to do so in a way that is ethical, sustainable, and responsible, contributing to the broader discussion around AI and its role in our society. For more information about our partnership, please visit



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Is it time to embrace AI in your next digital product?  

2-Jun-05-2023-09-24-25-9947-AMIn today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, Red Badger is at the forefront of leveraging artificial intelligence to drive enterprise transformation, elevate customer experience, and innovate in digital products. From navigating the challenges in AI to implementing responsible and ethical AI practices for sustainable growth, we're committed to leading the charge.

Our expertise extends to utilising generative AI in product development, green engineering for sustainability, and sustainable enterprise software development. We're also pioneering in enhancing customer interactions through AI for customer service, conversational AI, and conversation intelligence. Discover how cognitive computing and AI automation are integral to our digital solutions, and explore the role of AI in emerging tech.

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