Revolutionising Retail: How Super Payments is Changing the Game

Super Payments, in partnership with Red Badger, emerges as one to watch in fintech with a unique 0% fee model and customer rewards.

In the fintech sector, true innovation often means breaking away from established norms. This is precisely what the partnership between Red Badger and Super Payments represents. Based in London, Super Payments is a startup that's quickly becoming a notable name in online payment processing, thanks to its unique approach and recent significant funding.

Samir Desai CBE, the mind behind Super Payments and former CEO and co-founder of Funding Circle, brings a wealth of experience to this venture. The company's recent £22.5 million pre-seed funding round, led by Accel, is one of the largest of its kind and signals strong market confidence. Adding to their credibility, Super Payments has recently onboarded high-profile vendors such as Amazon, Nike, and Deliveroo, showcasing their growing influence in the market.

kDLQ5bNt0KjtQG3VeW2TXHAk4What sets Super Payments apart is its 0% fee structure for merchants, a stark departure from the industry standard where payment services typically charge a 1-5% percentage per transaction. This model not only challenges the traditional payment processing industry but also positions Super Payments as a direct challenger to established players like Klarna and Apple Pay, offering online retailers a more equitable and transparent solution.

A key feature of Super Payments is their Cash Rewards system. This system rewards customers with cashback on purchases, encouraging repeat business and fostering customer loyalty. For retailers, this means improved customer retention, a critical factor in the competitive online retail market. The simplicity and effectiveness of this system make it a valuable tool for businesses focused on long-term customer relationships.

The partnership with Red Badger aligns with our commitment to sustainability and customer-focused solutions. By collaborating with Super Payments, we aim to help retail brands reduce payment processing fees while enhancing customer experience. This partnership reflects our dedication to creating value-driven digital solutions and is a step towards more sustainable and profitable business practices.

Supercharging Customer Loyalty Event  - Register NowAn upcoming event co-hosted by Red Badger and Super Payments will provide a platform to discuss the future of payment technologies. This event is an opportunity for industry leaders to explore how technology can drive business efficiency and support ethical and environmental responsibility.

Super Payments, with its innovative approach to payment processing and customer engagement, is a company making waves in the fintech sector. Their model has the potential to transform online transactions, aligning well with our ethos at Red Badger. We believe this collaboration will benefit our clients by reducing costs and building a more loyal customer base, contributing to a more sustainable and profitable business model.

To find out more, or discuss how Super Payments and Red Badger can help your business, get in touch with one of the team today.

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