Badger Resources

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Employee Experience

How to talk about race and diversity?

Approaching the topic of race and diversity with ethnic minority colleagues without the fear of getting it wrong but instead making a positive change.

Digital Product Development

UX Design: Getting user feedback into the backlog

As UX designers we are always aiming to balance the needs of the user with the requirements of the business and with what’s technologically feasible.

Agile & Lean Practices

Validating product ideas using the RAT

Risky Assumption Tests (RATs) have many benefits when it comes to validating product ideas and understanding customer needs.


Lift off! The launch of Mission Beyond

Mission Beyond is a social initiative to bring together business leaders with a sense of purpose to contribute to society and the planet.

Digital Product Development

Strategy for developing digital products

Red Badger's digital product strategy uses a simple model that focuses on territory, desirability, feasibility and viability.